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Earn money in your pajamas, working at a real business you can be proud of. Reliable monthly income. Every website needs a host. Why shouldn't it be you? No experience required, friendly support and advice from PepServer.com to put you in the right direction. Set your own hours and prices. Use as a stand-alone business, or add onto any existing website for extra income. You can even set up resellers under you and make an extra profit!

What is web hosting?

Web sites are just files stored on "servers" - computers very similar to your personal computer that you're viewing this web site on right now. The main difference between a server and your personal computer is that a server is turned on and connected to the Internet 24-7 for people to look at the files. Servers are optimized to handle a big work load over a long period of time. They usually also have a faster connection to the Internet than an average user.

In theory you could "host" (store and share) websites from your home computer. But there are several reasons why this isn't a good idea. For one, you probably want to use your computer for other things, like e-mailing, listening to cds, etc. If you are doing this, and 24, 100, or 10,000 people are looking at your website, clicking and loading new pages, this will make your computer slow down, maybe even crash. Especially if you're using dial-up. Besides this, your Internet Service Provider probably doesn't allow you to either have your connection on 24-7, or doesn't want you to use your computer as a server. There are a lot more reasons, but I won't get into them here. For these reasons, and more, people pay a web hosting company to "host" the websites for them.

There are many, many hosting companies out there. Some are better than others. Factors to look into are price, customer service, file size and bandwidth (the amount of data transferred) you are allowed, and overall reliability of the company's servers. Some hosting companies sell only hosting, while some sell domain registration, Internet access or other services as well. There are hosting companies that own their own servers and virtual hosting companies who lease or outsource their servers from other companies. If you win this auction, the hosting business you purchase will be virtual.

What is a virtual hosting company?

If you wanted to start a hosting company from scratch, it would be quite expensive. You'd start with top-quality servers and a super-fast connection. You'd have to purchase server software (similar to your Windows or Linux operating system, but optimized for servers instead of home computers), including any software licenses, updates and add-ons. You would then of course have to purchase a building in which to keep all this, a security system to keep it safe, and generators in case the power goes out (you don't want everyone's websites to be unavailable if it storms). You'd probably need a few employees after everything started going good, with all the expense and trouble that entails. Then you'd want to have insurance to cover anything in case there was a fire or break-in and you lost everything. Whew!

If you're one person or a small business looking to start web hosting as a sideline or as a new business, you probably don't have the money for all this. Virtual web hosting is an excellent alternative. You pay a big company to handle all that stuff, and you just worry about advertising, setting up accounts, customer service, and raking in those monthly payments. All of which you can do from the comfort of your home office, in your pajamas if you wish. Sweet!

Why virtual WebHosting?

The best, most stable businesses are based on items that everyone needs and that get used up in a certain period of time. Things like food, clothing, and medicine are fairly reliable industries. Consumers buy them everyday and usually return to the same stores to buy them again when they run out. Web Hosting works the same way. Anyone who wants to run a website needs a web host. Hosting companies usually charge for a certain period of time from a month to a year and most buyers will come back to work with you again. We all tend to buy from companies we are familiar with, so most customers will return to renew their hosting account or to buy new ones once they are familiar with your company.

Even better than industries that sell products, virtual web hosting is a service. You don't need a big warehouse, employees to stock items and check out customers, or even expensive merchandise and the shipping costs that come with it. Everything is done with a few clicks over the Internet, which frees up your time and money for more important things like playing ball with your kids at the park on weekends, or taking your spouse out for a night of fun and relaxation.

How Does This Work? How Can I do this? I don't know HTML.

You don't need to know anything about web design, html, programming, etc. I'm even including submission to search engines (yahoo, google, msn, netscape, etc.) which will help with advertising. All you have to do is set your price, do any extra advertising you want and wait for customers to come to you. The on-line software does all the work. You will have access to a backroom where you can manage accounts, communicate with me, view announcements, and more.

Customers order and pay you on-line, and are automatically entered in a database where you can invoice them automatically and they can update password, etc. They contact you through a simple-to-use ticket system, which is more reliable and efficient than e-mail. You set your own monthly prices, based on alloted web space, and pay me a flat rate per account, starting at $2.95 a month each. I'll help you with choosing customer payment options and with any technical issues you don't understand. I've been selling web hosting for about 6 years, so I have a lot of experience and can advise you well.

In addition, once you are running, others can sign up to sell web hosting under you, and pay you for service! There is a potential for unlimited income. Do not pass up this opportunity.

Become a virtual Hosting Company in 24 hours or less.

1. Sign up for your free wholesale account.

2. Log in to the backroom and make a deposit of $25 to activate your account. This is not a set-up fee. You will be able to use it to open accounts for your customers and yourself.

3. Sign up customers and resellers under you and start making money with your own online business.

Don't forget to ask questions if you have any!

This can all happen in one day!

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